Andre Hakkak Net Worth:

Andre Hakkak Net Worth: The CEO of White Oak Global Advisors

Andre Hakkak has really made his mark with White Oak Global Advisors. With the company managing over $10 billion in assets and having deployed around $24 billion of capital, his financial success is closely tied to the firm’s booming performance.

CEOAndre Hakkak
CompanyWhite Oak Global Advisors
Assets Under ManagementOver $10 billion
Professionals Employed450
SMEs FinancedOver 20,000 in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
Financial Products Offered25 bank-like lending solutions
Total Capital Deployed$24 billion
ESG and Impact InvestmentsOver $6 billion originated for ESG and impact-oriented investments
Key PartnershipsSustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)


Andre Hakkak

Let’s talk about Andre Hakkak, the guy behind White Oak Global Advisors. He’s not just any CEO; he co-founded the company and has been the driving force behind its innovative approaches in finance. Andre’s knack for coming up with fresh financial products has really set White Oak apart in the asset management game. He’s all about leading change and shaping the future of finance, making sure his firm stays ahead of the curve and delivers real value to its clients.

White Oak Global Advisors Overview

White Oak Global Advisors isn’t just a drop in the ocean of finance; it’s a powerhouse. With over $10 billion in assets under management and a robust team of 450 professionals, this firm means business. They’re all about their mission to support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world—from the US to the UK, Canada, and Australia. Thanks to their innovative suite of 25 bank-like lending solutions, they’ve helped over 20,000 SMEs get the financing they need to grow and succeed. This isn’t just about lending money; it’s about fueling growth and making a tangible impact in communities globally.

White Oak Global Advisors LLC

Impact Investments and Environmental Initiatives

Andre Hakkak isn’t just about making money; he’s serious about making a difference too. He’s big on cutting down the global carbon footprint and has put his money where his mouth is. Under his leadership, White Oak has stepped up as a key player in funding projects that are good for the planet. Think solar energy financing and backing companies that are all about plant-based plastics. These aren’t just side projects; they’re major moves towards a more sustainable future.

Since kicking things off in 2007, White Oak has poured over $6 billion into investments focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. They’re not doing this alone, either. White Oak teams up with heavy hitters like the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to make sure their investments not only do well but also do good, especially in areas like climate change, alternative energy, and healthcare solutions. This partnership is key because it helps them stick to strict standards, ensuring their money really is making an impact where it’s supposed to.

Foundational Background and Career Milestones

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Andre Hakkak’s journey to the top of the finance world is a story of ambition, foresight, and strategic innovation. He started out in the high-stakes world of investment banking at Robertson Stephens & Co., diving headfirst into the complexities of finance that would define his career. This early experience laid the groundwork for his knack in investment management and his eye for groundbreaking financial strategies.

But Andre didn’t just stay on the beaten path. In 2000, he branched out and founded Alpine Global Management. At Alpine, he honed his skills and focused on alternative investments, particularly in fixed-income and real estate. His leadership transformed Alpine into a recognized name in investment circles, setting the stage for even bigger things.

Building on his successes, Andre next founded Suisse Global Investments, where he took on the role of Portfolio Manager before stepping into a bigger arena. His entrepreneurial spirit and vision led him to co-found White Oak Global Advisors in 2007, aiming to reshape the financial landscape.

At White Oak, Andre has been the driving force, pushing the company to new heights with innovative financial solutions and a strong focus on ethical investments.

His leadership not only propelled White Oak’s growth in assets and influence but also solidified his reputation as a pioneer in the finance industry, dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and making finance a force for good.

Board Memberships and Advocacy

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Andre Hakkak isn’t just sitting in an office crunching numbers; he’s out there making real moves on multiple boards and pushing for a greener planet. His involvement doesn’t stop at White Oak. He’s a board member at Panasas, where he brings his financial savvy to the tech world, helping to steer strategies that impact how big data is managed and stored. But Andre’s commitment really shines in how he champions sustainability.

He actively supports various green initiatives, aiming to reduce environmental impacts through innovative financing. Whether it’s backing solar energy projects or promoting the use of plant-based plastics, Andre’s actions speak volumes about his dedication to environmental stewardship.

His work with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is particularly notable. Through this partnership, he ensures that White Oak’s investments adhere to high sustainability standards, influencing how companies approach environmental responsibility.

This isn’t just good for the planet—it sets a standard in the finance industry, showing that you can be successful while still caring for the environment.

Personal Interests and Media Presence

When he’s not shaping the future of finance, Andre Hakkak is quite the adventurer. He loves scuba diving and wake-surfing, which isn’t just fun but also reflects his deep appreciation for nature—a trait that clearly influences his professional focus on sustainability.

On land, he’s an avid mountain biker and tennis player, activities that keep him energized and ready to tackle the challenges of his day job.

Andre’s dynamic personality extends into the media too. He’s often quoted in major financial publications like Bloomberg and Reuters, where he shares his insights on market trends and the future of investing.

His voice in the media isn’t just about staying visible; it’s about influencing and shaping public understanding and perceptions of the finance world.

Whether he’s discussing market dynamics or the importance of ESG investing, Andre’s presence in the media underscores his role as a thought leader in the finance industry, always ready to push the conversation forward.

Educational Background

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Andre Hakkak’s academic journey at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business wasn’t just about getting a degree; it was about laying a solid foundation for his future. While earning his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing, Andre immersed himself in the world of numbers and strategies, which are critical in the finance sector.

But Haas School did more than just sharpen his financial acumen—it sparked a passion for innovation and ethical business practices.

This education didn’t just teach Andre the essentials of finance; it encouraged him to think big and outside the box. The environment at Berkeley, known for its entrepreneurial spirit, inspired him to not just be another financier but a pioneer who would later change how small and medium enterprises access capital.

It’s here that Andre began to see how finance could be a force for good, leading to his later focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing and impact-oriented projects.

Vision for the Future

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Looking ahead, Andre Hakkak’s vision for White Oak Global Advisors is as bold as it is bright. He sees a finance industry that’s increasingly responsive to the needs of the modern world, where investment goes hand-in-hand with innovation and responsibility.

Andre is particularly enthusiastic about the potential of private debt markets. He believes these markets are not only ripe for growth but also for redefinition, offering tailored, flexible financial solutions that traditional banking often fails to provide.

Andre is also doubling down on his commitment to ESG principles. He envisions White Oak leading the charge in integrating sustainability into every investment decision.

This involves not just looking at the financial return but considering the social and environmental impact of each dollar invested.

By promoting sustainable investing, Andre aims to show that finance can be a powerful tool for positive change, driving economic growth while also addressing urgent global challenges like climate change and social equity.


Andre Hakkak has truly made his mark in the finance world. As a co-founder and the CEO of White Oak Global Advisors, he’s transformed the landscape of SME financing and set new standards for ethical investing.

His innovative approach and unwavering commitment to sustainability have not only propelled his company to the forefront of the industry but also inspired a shift towards more responsible financial practices globally.

Andre’s leadership shows that with the right vision and values, finance can indeed be a force for good, fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship simultaneously.

His legacy is one of innovation, impact, and inspiration, influencing generations of financiers to come.

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