The Bieber-Rebelo Family: All About Allie Bieber

Allie Bieber, also known as Allie Rebelo, is a Canadian internet celebrity child and a member of the famous Bieber family. She is popular for being the step-sister of Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and the daughter of Chelsey Bieber and Jeremy Bieber, who is Justin Bieber’s father.

Allie Bieber Biography

Allie Bieber was born on April 7, 2007, and is currently 15 years old (as of 2022). Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she is of mixed ethnicity. Standing at 5’3″ (160 cm), Allie weighs around 43 kg (95 lbs). She has a body measurement of 28-22-28 and has light brown eyes and blonde hair.

Family and Relationships

Allie Bieber Bio

Allie Bieber’s step-father is Jeremy Bieber, and her mother is Chelsey Bieber. Justin Bieber, Jaxon Bieber, and Jazmyn Bieber are her step-brothers and step-sisters, and Bay Bieber is her half-sister. Allie is currently single and doesn’t have any affairs.

Parents’ Relationship

Jeremy Bieber proposed to Chelsey Rebelo in February 2016 while they were on vacation in St. Barts. They married in 2018 and changed their surnames from Rebelo to Bieber. Chelsey had a 12-year-old daughter, Allie, from a previous relationship when she married Jeremy, who already had three children from two previous relationships. Chelsey was pregnant at the time of the wedding, and she gave birth to Bay Bieber the following year.

Previous Relationships

Before Chelsey, Jeremy was in a relationship with Erin Wagner, a Canadian activist, from 2007. They lived together and had two children, Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber. However, after seven years of living together, they got divorced for unknown reasons.

Social Media Presence

Allie Bieber is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She has over 245k followers on her Instagram account and became viral on TikTok for dancing to Drake’s “Tootsie Slide” along with her brother Justin, sister Jazmyn Bieber, and step-sisters Bay Bieber. She also co-hosted her sister Jazmyn Bieber’s YouTube channel in 2017.

Facts About Allie Bieber

  • Allie is Justin Bieber’s step-sister, and he treats her with the same respect as he does his other siblings.
  • Justin Bieber’s parents, Jeremy and Pattie Mallette, were never married. Pattie was 17, and Jeremy was 18 when Justin was born. They split up when Justin was a toddler.
  • Allie is still in high school and her social media handles are managed by her parents or management.
  • Allie doesn’t have any net worth of her own as she is still a minor.


Allie Bieber is a rising internet celebrity who is part of the famous Bieber family. She is still in high school and has a promising future ahead. With her growing social media presence and her family’s popularity, we can expect to see more of Allie in the future.

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