The Complete Guide to Decorating Your Home Like a Pro

home decoration tips

Decorating your home can be an exciting creative process that expresses your style. With some key planning, sourcing quality pieces, and implementing professional techniques, you can stylishly furnish any living space without spending a fortune. Follow these comprehensive home decoration tips and principles to elevate your spaces.

Evaluate Your Needs and Style

  • Assess how you want to use each room and traffic flow between areas. This informs furniture layouts and functionality.
  • Determine your preferred interior design styles – modern, minimalist, rustic, industrial etc. This guides your decorative vision.
  • Make decorating inspiration boards with colors, textures, patterns and looks that appeal to you from photos or even fabric swatches.

Use Color Schemes and Palettes

  • Select 2-4 key hues as a foundation, like cool blues or warm neutrals. Accent colors can build off this core palette.
  • Remember lighter colors visually expand smaller spaces. Darker shades feel cozy and intimate.
  • Vary textures and tones of your core hues. For example, soft creamy whites to bright clean whites.
  • Limit colors in a room to 3-5 for a cohesive look. Tie spaces together using the same 1-2 colors.

Mix and Match Patterns Like a Pro

  • Pattern mixing adds interest but start with 1 dominant print like stripes paired with smaller accents.
  • Keep patterns in the same color family for cohesion, like blue floral and blue checkered.
  • Limit competing large patterns in a given space. Choose patterns with different scales.
  • Repeat the same pattern in different spots, like matching throw pillows and a lampshade.

Use Texture and Shape Variations

  • Add visual depth by mixing glossy, matte, smooth, nubby and woven textures. Pair a velvet sofa with jute rug.
  • Contrast round shapes like oval mirrors with angular geometric tables.
  • Natural textures like wood, marble, and rattan feel fresh and inviting.

Create Focal Points

  • Draw the eye to specific “feature” areas to highlight special pieces like artwork or architectural elements.
  • floating shelves, distinct built-ins, pendant lights and accent chairs naturally draw attention.
  • Paint focal walls in bold colors or use dynamic wallpaper patterns to define a focal area.

Choose Quality Furnishings

  • Seek solid hardwood, metal and high-density foam for long-lasting structural integrity in frames, bases and cushions.
  • Upholstery, drapes, and cushions should have durable woven fabrics that resist stains, fading and pilling.
  • Invest in a few statement vintage or designer pieces you love over quantity of cheaper furnishings.

Pull Spaces Together with Cohesive Details

  • Repetition creates continuity. Use same or similar floor lamps, candles, throw pillows in different rooms.
  • Echo colors and materials throughout, like wood dining chairs that match living room tables.
  • Affordable details like toss pillows, curtains, area rugs and wall art can tie a space together.

Furnish in Three Layers for Fullness

  • Foundation pieces like sofas, beds and dining tables form the basis.
  • Larger “middle layer” furniture like sideboards, desks and armchairs add structure.
  • The third layer of toss pillows, throws, tabletop items and wall art finish the decorated look.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

  • Ottoman coffee tables with trays or hidden storage deliver extra functionality.
  • Sofa or dining benches provide seating and spare space for shoes, books or decorative items.
  • Entryway console tables can hold keys and become drink stations when entertaining.

Final Touches and Upkeep

  • Add personalizing final layer like photo books, plants and objets.
  • Use area rugs to define spaces and protect floors.
  • Maintain furniture and carpets to prolong life and appearance.
  • Refresh space by rearranging or incorporating new seasonal pieces.


Following professional techniques like using focal points, mixing patterns, creating cohesion and layering furnishings helps craft interiors you’ll be proud of without overspending. Add your personal flair and enjoy the creativity of designing elegant, inviting home spaces.

  • August 20, 2023