Reki Kyan From Sk8 The Infinity: All You Need To Know

Reki Kyan

SK8 the Infinity is an anime that revolves around skateboarding. One of the main characters in the anime is Reki Kyan, a high schooler from Okinawa and a part-time worker of DOPE SKETCH. He is a cheerful person who has a passion for skateboarding, which is his favorite hobby. In this article, we will focus on Reki and Langa’s relationship in the SK8 the Infinity fandom.

Reki Kyan: A High School Skateboarder

Reki is a high schooler who works part-time at DOPE SKETCH. He is known for his cheerful personality, but sometimes feels inferior to others when he feels like he’s not good enough. Skateboarding is a big part of Reki’s life, and he is always trying to share his love for it with others, although he doesn’t always get the response he wants. Reki’s love for skateboarding leads him to “S”, a secret skateboarding location that is hidden from the police.

reki sk8 the infinity

Reki and Langa: A Strong Friendship

Langa Hasegawa is Reki’s best friend and they share a strong bond over their love for skateboarding. Langa was introduced to skateboarding by Reki and fell in love with the sport. Langa has even admitted that the reason he started skateboarding was because of Reki. The two share a mutual love for skateboarding and have a strong friendship. In episode 8, Langa confirms his happiness, which is indirectly linked to Reki. Although it is unknown if Reki feels the same way, his softer behavior towards Langa suggests he might.

Reki and Langa: Is There More Than Friendship?

The SK8 the Infinity fandom has several ships, including the popular “Renga,” the ship between Reki and Langa. Langa has confessed his love for skateboarding, which he says was inspired by Reki. The two also tell each other about their mutual desire to skate infinitely together, which can be interpreted as a love confession. The CD drama “CindeReki,” in which Reki dreams of being Cinderella and Langa as his prince, also suggests that Reki might have a secret crush on Langa.


Reki and Langa’s relationship in the SK8 the Infinity fandom is a strong bond of friendship and a shared love for skateboarding. Although it is unknown if Reki feels the same way as Langa, their actions and behavior towards each other suggest that there might be more than just friendship. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or not, the bond between Reki and Langa is one of the most memorable parts of the SK8 the Infinity fandom.

  • February 1, 2023