[noblocc] Kicked for Being AFK: Find Out Why and How to Avoid

[noblocc] Kicked for Being AFK: Find Out Why and How to Avoid

Being removed from a multiplayer game may put one in a bad mood. If you were just banned from Noblocc because your name had “AFK” after it, this article explains what happened and how you can avoid the same thing happening in the future.

Noblocc: It’s a World of Creation, but the Rules Need to Be Followed.

Noblocc, an online sandbox game characterized by freedom of choice, is built around cooperation and interaction among players. Even though this game follows the rules, it provides fun and unforgettable memories for everyone. For example, the rule of inactivity, or AFK (Away From Keyboard), is what they usually call it.

Why Your AFK Count Gets You Kicked Offline

When you’re AFK in Noblocc, you’re becoming one of the game world’s idle spaces without contributing to the game. This can be disruptive for several reasons:

  • Unfair Advantage for Others: For instance, when you are AFK, you will still accrue resources while other players engage enemies. This is the same as benefiting from the toil of others while you don’t contribute anything.
  • Stalling Progress: In cooperative games, an AFK player interferes with collaboration and may slow down the party for others, thus preventing progress for the rest.
  • Wasted Server Space: AFK players use up the allocated server space, preventing the engagement of the actively playing users.

Avoiding the AFK Kick: Staying in the Workout

Here’s how to ensure you remain an active participant in the world of Noblocc:

  • Be Mindful of Time: If you know you will be away from the game for a while, you should log off so that someone else can take your spot.
  • Communicate with Your Team: If you need to go AFK for a short time, inform your team so that they can modify their work to accommodate your absence.
  • Stay Engaged, Even Briefly: An immediate action, such as moving the character or interacting with an object in the game world, can illustrate that you are still present and prevent any idle timer from disconnecting you.

Beyond Avoiding Kicks: The Active Role of Voting.

We stand on community and collaboration at Noblocc. By staying active and engaged, you contribute to a more enjoyable experience for everyone:

  • Share the Fun: Join others, work together or do something; you can have a great experience that can bring Noblocc to life.
  • Forge Connections: Interacting with other players through activities is one key factor for making friends and, of course, teamwork, thereby enhancing your overall game experience.
  • Become Part of the Noblocc Community: Forging friendships and sharing experiences with other players makes you a respected member of the game’s one-of-a-kind online society.


A quick and easy way for Noblocc not to be disturbed is for someone to kick someone who is AFK. Being aware of the activities you are involved in and staying involved can make your experience enjoyable and make for a good time for you and other players. Therefore, drop all the distractions and fully immerse yourself in Noblöcc, where you can make, discover, and share with others in this mesmerizing imaginary environment.

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