Huda Beauty Eyeliner comes with 2 types. The one of it named only Liquid Eyeliner and The other one’s name is Huda Beauty Duo Life Liner. This Huda Beauty Eyeliner (life liner) series is perfect for anyone who wants to try liquid liner or pencil liner but doesn’t want pressure on their eye. It makes it so more you have the precision of where you need it, meaning less time trying to clean up your mistakes.

When it comes to eyeliner, there are two types of people in this world: those who mastered the art of liquid liner and those who must wonder how. The beauty experts know that Huda Beauty Eyeliner products are amazing especially when you want to get the Cat Eyes Effect, because these are easy-to-apply, and they have the best outputs! For beginners to pros alike, these products are is designed for your convenience. Huda Beauty Eyeliner series has a superfine brush tip that gives you maximum control while lining your eyes flawlessly every time. The formula won’t budge or transfer because it dries within seconds–no need for setting spray!–but can easily be removed with makeup remover if you’re switching up your look after work hours. Trust us and try to buy Huda Beauty Eyeliner from our online store, You will definitely love it.