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Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid Tip + Pencil Waterproof Lifeliner

No doubt, Eyeliner lifts the eyes and makes the eyes bigger. It literally is one of the most powerful things for your eyes. So here we have Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid & Pencil Lifeliner the blackest, the maddest, the most long-lasting eyeliner. The color shade of it is called “Vanta”. Vanta is a color that was newly released and basically, it means like the blackest black of the universe that actually absorbs light.

Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid & Pencil Lifeliner is a little bit wider than your typical eyeliner pencil. You can wear it for 40 hours. You could wear it for more than 40 hours but our recommendation is 40 hours. It is super waterproof, smudge-proof, fade-proof, and life-proof. So all of these things are obviously the things that are must-have things for every great eyeliner. It is super black which makes it definitely an intermediate liner.

Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid & Pencil Waterproof Lifeliner has been designed in the shape of a diamond. You can also call it a ‘double ended liner’. Because it has two sides, one side is liquid which is super black sweeper intense, and another side has a pencil. One side of this liner is only for twist and the other side is for pull. So the side that says ‘twist’ is actually the liquid liner size as you twist it you will open up the liquid liner. On the other side, it says ‘pull’ and when you pull this side off, you do reveal the actual pencil side so the pencil side is on one side that you have to pull and the other side is the liquid liner which you have to twist.

According to Huda, she tested it in Yoga, in the desert, and everywhere in be like hundred percent humidity levels of Dubai and it stayed. So now you can easily imagine how long-lasting it is. The formula of Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Waterproof Lifeliner glides on very smoothly and dries down to a black matte finish. The pencil has a very creamy formula so all of these things are very intriguing.

I think it is enough to talk about Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner aka ‘Dual or Double Ended Lifeliner’ or ‘Life Liner’. We know, we have missed writing about ‘How to use Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner. Because it is a product page and the usage techniques of Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner are varies in many different ways. So, it is not possible to write about ‘how to use it’ here on this product page. But maybe in the future, We will also write about ‘how to use it’. Or maybe we will publish a whole in-depth article on how to use Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner with step by step infographics and a whole guide.

So, if you are interested in buying this precious Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner which is waterproof and also a double ended ‘Liquid Tip + Pencil’ liner. You can contact us via WhatsApp at +923107040575 available 24/7. Please send us a message in the form of text or audio. We will respond to you as soon as possible. The price of this Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner is very affordable and maybe we will ship it to you without charging shipping cost. So you also have an opportunity to take the benefit of Free Shipping (it depends on some terms or conditions). Hurry Up! We have a limited stock of Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner (don’t forget it is ‘Waterproof’).


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