Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes

Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes: All You Need To Know About

Nowadays, many people who never compromise on looks have a lot of questions and confusion related to the term “Hooded Eyes”, like What is this type of eye shape? How common are and are hooded eyes attractive? Are these eyes bad or pretty? Do celebrities have these eyes? What will be the best makeup for this eye shape? Etc. In this in-depth article about Hooded vs Non-Hooded Eyes, we will answer almost all the topics, questions, and confusions related to this term. And we will put our best efforts to provide you all the necessary information related to this topic. So let’s start.

What are Hooded Eyes or Eyelids

What are Hooded Eyes

When we talk about Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes, obviously, first of all, we have to clear one thing before starting talking about this topic. And the one and first thing is “What are Hooded Eyes?” or “What does it mean?”. 

Hooded Eyes mean the eyes’ shape defined by extra skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line is called Hooded Eyes or Hooded Shape Eyes. It is something that comes with becoming older. The skin in this area can fold back to the point where it causes a light shadow to appear. They are often seen with crow’s feet, but they may also appear as a result of dry eye syndrome. It is also possible to have no crease, which can make it difficult to distinguish the difference between a normal crease and a hooded one.

Whenever you hear this term, you will also hear a similar term, “Droopy Eyes”. Both eyes are not the same, in this Hooded vs Non Hooded article we will also discuss the difference between both of them.

How Common Are Hooded Eyes

In this hooded vs non hooded eyes article if I give you the answer to a question, how common are hooded eyes? or are these eyes normal? with just a single word, the answer will be “YES” This eye shape is a completely normal and common hereditary trait. But here we have another question related to this term, and that is why people have hooded eyes. 

The answer to this query is that this eye shape can occur for a variety of causes. They can appear at birth, emerge later in life, or evolve through time. They generally only show on the upper lid, but sometimes you will see them on the lower lid also, and sometimes they will show on both lids upper and lower.

Even though the eyes are covered, the shape of the eyes is still visible on the face. When the eye opens, it is possible to see the iris and pupil. This deformity is relatively common, with an estimated prevalence of 3%. Often, the hooded eyelid is also an atypical eyelid crease. The hooded eyelids are found in both eyes. This hereditary trait can be seen in both men and women.

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive

The solution to this query isn’t so easy as it relies upon character to character. I personally love the people who have hooded eyes. Like me, many people love this eyelid. 

Are hooded eyes attractive

You do not have to fear and think too much about your eye looks when you have hooded eyes or eyelids. People with these eyes are quite common. Many people are born with this eye form. Some people find this eye shape appealing, while others find it unappealing. Hooded eyes aren’t always a sign of impending danger. These aren’t always a cause for alarm.

If you have this eye shape, you are a lucky person because many famous celebrities also have beautiful hooded eyes like Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, and The Beautiful Selena Gomez. The list is huge and we can’t add more details about celebs with hooded eyes in this article. Due to this reason, we have written about only a few of the most famous celebrity actresses with hooded eyes.

What Are Droopy Eyes: Are Hooded Eyes And Droopy Eyes The Same?

No, Hooded eyes and Droopy eyes are not the same things. Although there are a few differences between the two, many people often misunderstand these two terms to mean the same thing. 

The term “droopy eyes” refers to the appearance of the eye when the eyelid is lower than the brow crest. Droopy eyes are usually caused by a lack of muscle tone in the eye, but they can also be caused by a spontaneous change in the shape of the eye. Hooded eyes, on the other hand, are a natural eye shape. People with this eye shape have deeply set eyeballs.

What Are Droopy Eyes

Droopy eyes are known to be one of the most difficult eye conditions to live with. The muscles in your eyelids are too weak to open your eyelids as wide as your eyes. The result of this is that you have a constant feeling of exhaustion and eye fatigue. When you close your eyes, the blood vessels in your eyes are compressed by the eyelid.

This can lead to a number of vision problems, including blurring, double vision, and visual field loss. People with droopy eyes often have difficulty driving, walking, reading, and watching TV. These problems may be caused by the function of the eye muscle and the eye not being able to keep their lids open. Hope you understood about the difference between hooded eyes and droopy eyes in this in depth article.

How Many Eye Shapes Are Available Other Than Hooded Eyes

When it comes to hooded vs non hooded eyes shape, almond eyes, round eyes, and monolid eyes are the most popular among non hooded ones. However, there are a lot of other numarious types of shapes that are available to you to choose from if you want.. If you want to mix things up, you don’t have to stick with one of these shapes.

If you have a deep set eye, you can wear glasses, contacts, or contact lenses to change the shape of your eyes. If you are looking for a change, and want to try a new eye shape, you can always try prosthetic makeup.

How To Remove Hooded Eyes? Can This Eyelid Be Removed?

How To Fix Hooded Eyes

Yes, hooded eyes can be removed. But I want to give you some suggestions than you can easily decide should you remove these eyelids or should not. If you don’t have any problem with your hooded eyelids, and you just want to change your eye shape to look more attractive, then you should not fix it because having hooded eyes is not bad, it looks pretty.

Whenever we talk about Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes sometimes hooded eyes win and sometimes non hooded eyes win. It depends from person to person. I have already written about some famous celebrities who have hooded eyes. But in case your eyes cause problems for you and you must have to fix it. With surgery, you might be able to get rid of the issue. In most cases, the hooded eyelids are caused by excess skin and fat that sags and folds down from the brow bone. In the past, doctors removed excess skin and fat, but now, laser procedures are available to limit the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. A surgical treatment called as blepharoplasty is the best technique to correct hooded eyelids. The eyelid surgery procedure tightens the skin and muscles of the eyelids. It removes the excess tissue from the eyelids and also, removes fat through a small incision.

How To Make Hooded Eyes Look Bigger

Whenever we talk about this topic we see that one of the more frustrating things about hooded eyelids is that they can make your eyes look smaller. To neutralize this effect and make your eyes look bigger, you can use a bronze shadow. Bronze is a metallic color that can make the whole area look brighter, even the under-eyes. To create the look, you need to use a bronze shadow that is not too dark and not too light. It’s also important to mix it out so that it doesn’t appear odd. You’ll want to use your fingers to blend the shadow out so that you don’t end up looking like you have clown makeup on.

Should Hooded Eyes Wear Eyeliner?

Best Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Should hooded eyes wear eyeliner or only use bronze shadow? We can not give an answer to one single word or sentence whenever face this question because “It depends on different scenarios. But if you are confused about whether we can use eyeliner on hooded eyes or not. The answer is YES. In the above section of How to make hooded eyes look bigger, I was told to use Bronze Shadow. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use other makeup items like eyeliner.

If you are a makeup lover, and you can’t live a moment without makeup, you already know the one thing, and the thing is, we always have many procedures to do the same thing in many different ways. As for makeup artists, you will always see that every artist has their own unique way of working to make different effects. Now, you know you can use eyeliner on hooded eyes too. So maybe the next question that will come to your mind is which one is the best eyeliner for hooded eyes?

Best Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes:

There are numerous eyeliners to choose from. From amazing metallic and glitter ones to creamy, matte ones, there’s no shortage of choice. However, there are some eyeliners that are better for hooded eyes. These are the eyeliners you should try if you have hooded eyes. They’re going to have enough color payoff that you won’t have to reapply as often, but they’ll also be easy to apply and won’t smudge as easily.

Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid and Pencil Lifeliner

Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid and Pencil Lifeliner

Huda Beauty’s Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner is the ultimate eyeliner that could be the best option for hooded eyes when it comes to choosing eyeliner for hooded vs non-hooded eyes. It’s long-lasting, waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof. It’s also designed to be a dual-ended product with a liquid tip on one side and a pencil on the other. The liquid tip is perfect for the perfect wing, while the pencil tip is perfect for creating the perfect cat eye. The eyeliner is also available in a number of different colors, including black, brown, blue, and green.

We chose Huda Beauty Duo Eyeliner Liquid and Pencil Lifeliner on the first one of our list because of two reasons. The first reason is it is dual ended which means you can easily apply it according to your needs. On one side, there’s liquid eyeliner, and on the other, there’s a pencil. So it is also an affordable option for you because you will get two eyeliners for the price of one.

The second reason is, it is Huda Beauty’s product which means it is always trusted and loved by many other Hudas fans, it is a well-known big brand in the world of makeup. So, whenever we talk about Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes makeup, you can consider it with 110 percent confidence. It may be costly when you buy it from Amazon or directly from Huda Beauty’s official site, but if you buy it from us, we will give you a huge discount.

‎E.L.F. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner

E.L.F. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner

Buy Here

The e.l.f. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner is the ultimate waterproof eyeliner pencil. This eyeliner pencil comes in a black, navy blue, brown, and grey color and can be used on the lash line, waterline and lid. The soft, creamy formula glides on easily, providing an intense, long-lasting finish with intense pigmentation. This retractable eyeliner pencil is perfect for anyone who wants a waterproof eyeliner that’s waterproof, easy to apply, and won’t smudge. Due to these awesome features, we add this eyeliner to our hooded vs non hooded eyes post. I think these features are enough to make this eyeliner great and it could be the best eyeliner for hooded eyes.

NYX Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

NYX Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

Buy Here

In this hooded vs non hooded eyes article, our third best eyeliner for hooded eyes is The NYX Epic Ink Waterproof Liner. It is a versatile eyeliner that has a brush tip that helps you to create a variety of looks. Its waterproof formula works great on its own but is also a great base for eyeshadows and mascaras. The liner comes in a wide choice of colors so that you can discover the precise color for any occasion. It could be the best eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Kaja Beauty Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp and Pen

Kaja Beauty Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp and Pen

Buy Here

The Kaja Beauty Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp and Pen is a combination of liquid eyeliner and a stamping tool that will help you achieve a perfect winged eye every time. The pen and stamping tool are identical. The lid of the pen is a stamping tool with a thin 6-degree angle. When you stamp, the liner fills in the wings and the smudge brush on the end of the pen makes sure that it doesn’t smudge. The eyeliner is made from Japanese ingredients and is 100 percent vegan. The liner is available in nine different colors and may be used with any style of outfit.

It has many other features to write on like: This eyeliner stamp is a great way for you to learn how to do your own cat-eye makeup. Simply stamp a line on the outer corner of your eye, then use the Kaja Beauty Wink Pen to connect the lines. The ink of the pen is water-based, so it’s easy to remove. Due to these awesome features of this eyeliner, it could be your best eyeliner for hooded eyes when it comes to hooded vs non hooded eyes.

24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil By Urban Decay

Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Buy Here

In this hooded vs non-hooded eyes guide, our fifth and last best eyeliner for hooded eyes is Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Eyeliner. This eyeliner is waterproof and waterproof eyeliner is a must-have item that should definitely be inside every makeup bag! It is the best technique to preserve your eye make-up looks superb all day long. It’s designed with a rich pigment that lasts all day and a smudge-proof, flake-resistant formula that’s easy to use. The 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil is the perfect tool for creating a solid line or adding a bit of extra definition to your look. It lasts a long time and is simple to use. It’s also simple to remove it with just soap and water.

Best Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

There are a lot of different eyeshadow colors and brands on the market. You can easily find eyeshadows that are perfect for you and enough for your daily make-up routine. However, with so many options and so much information, it can be really hard to decide which ones to choose. This article will help you get the best eyeshadow for your hooded eyes.

First thing first If you are looking for a shadow that would be good for you, make sure that you choose one that is as close as possible to your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, you can choose a cool complexion to give your eyes a sultry look. If you have a cool skin tone, you should choose a warm complexion to create a more subtle look. To make your eyes stand out, choose a matte finish eyeshadow for hooded eyes. It is not the easiest to blend, but it will give you the perfect, dramatic look that you are looking for.

Below is the list of some selected best eyeshadows for hooded eyes that could be the best ones for you. These eyeshadows could be the best weapon for you to win the beauty war of hooded vs non hooded eyes.

FENTY BEAUTY Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette

FENTY BEAUTY Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette

Buy Here

FENTY BEAUTY Snap Shadow Palette comes in 24 awesome colors which means you always have a large variety to choose from according to your mood or for any special occasion. It is a perfect gift for the beauty lover on the go, this pocket-sized palette comes with six rich matte-to-shimmer shadows that give you endless possibilities. No more lugging around one or even two palettes to get your perfect look. This 6-shade collection is perfect for day or night looks and has everything you need to create a wide range of effortlessly chic looks. It could be the best eyeshadow for hooded eyes when it comes to hooded vs non-hooded eyes.

NATASHA DENONA Star Eyeshadow Palette

NATASHA DENONA Star Eyeshadow Palette

Buy Here

The Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette is an absolute must-have in any cosmetic collection. This eyeshadow palette has 18 hues in an easy-to-use layout to help you create stunning looks. Metallic, Duo-Chrome, Creamy Matte, and Crystal finishes are all available in the palette. This palette is perfect for creating any look from natural to glam. There is a style for every face with so many alternatives.

HUDA BEAUTY Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

HUDA BEAUTY Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Buy Here

When we talk about which one is the best eyeshadow for hooded vs non hooded eyes, it is not possible to ignore or forget Huda’s Products. HUDA BEAUTY Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette comes with 3 different mini eyeshadow palettes, that are Light, Medium, and Rich. Each palette has 9 enticing versions of the hottest nude colors that may be worn by anyone. Light is the best eyeshadow palette for those who have a light skin tone or also best for those who often love to choose light palettes among many other colors. Medium will be the best option for Asian skin tones because they have a fair color so they can go with Medium. The last one is Dark, obviously, its name is enough to describe it. It is the option for Dark skin tones and eye colors.

Le 9 De Givenchy Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette

Le 9 De Givenchy Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette

Buy Here

For a long time, the eyes have been a paradise of infinite possibilities. It has always been a place where the artist can be exposed and always able to create a new look. Now, with the launch of the le9 de Givenchy Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette in the Signature Couture collection, the eyes can be a palette of infinite possibilities. Whether you are a professional who needs to create a masterpiece or a fashionista who is just looking to experiment, Nicolas Degennes has created a palette that offers the perfect harmony of contrasting textures, shades, and finishes. With nine shades, three of which are mirrored, the palette is designed to create a range of different looks. The shades are applied with an easy, blendable formula that works with every skin tone and creates a natural, soft look.

DEAR DAHLIA Mesmerizing Moment Collection Palette

DEAR DAHLIA Mesmerizing Moment Collection Palette

Buy Here

This palette is an 8-colour palette presenting velvety mattes, silky shimmers, and iridescent glitters which are clean to combine and match. The buttery smooth texture can be built up and blended to create a wide range of color combinations. The palette features a variety of dimensions, from satiny-smooth to glittering-sparkle, for a stunning array of eye looks. For any beauty fan, this item could be an option to replace your old palette. It could be the best for both hooded vs non-hooded eyes.

Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you know how difficult it is to find lash extensions that will fit your eyes. For Hooded Eyes, these M, L, and L+ curls will be the best lash extensions to go with. This article may help you a lot to find the details about these extensions.

What Is M Curl Lashes?

M curl lashes are a type of lashes that are characterized by a hair-like curve at the bottom of the lash. M curl lashes are very popular due to its easy application and frame-free look. M curl lashes have a straight base that isn’t too lengthy and ends in a strong curve with no kink at the transition. M curl has a beautifully smooth transition, unlike eyelashes like L or L +. It gives a lovely lifting appearance due to its dramatic, but not excessively curled bend.

Best M Curl Lashes To Buy For Hooded Eyes

Conny Lashes M Curl Mink Eyelash Extensions
Conny Lashes M Curl Mink Eyelash Extension

Buy Here

Conny Lashes M Curl Mink Eyelash Extensions are available in single length trays and mixed length trays, Every tray has more than 4.000 lashes, you can remove them so easily from strips, these are fast fanning, flexible, and made from PBT fiber, these are vegan friendly, and also free from cruelty. These eyelashes could be the best product to achieve a ‘Cat Eye’ look.

M Curl Volume – By The Lash Professional
M Curl Volume – Multi Lash Length By The Lash Professional

Buy Here

The M Curl Volume is a Multi-Length eyelash manufactured By The Lash Professional. This tray is used to curl your natural lashes with a synthetic lash strip. The tray includes a combination of 10 lash strip sizes, making it perfect for creating a variety of looks. Also, it could be an awesome option for home, office, or even salon use. This eyelash extension is not only so versatile and durable but also, it is easy to use. This item is pretty useful for any lash professional or enthusiast!

What Is L Curl Lashes?

L curl lashes is a natural lash extension style. It gives the appearance of a natural lash without the hassle. What makes this lash style different from most other styles is the base. The lashes are flat, which makes them much easier for the attachment of natural lashes to last and be secure. The curled component of the lash is designed to catch up natural lashes that are growing down, allowing the eye to open up slightly and naturally. For those with hooded or monolid eyes, the L-Curl lash is the perfect addition to your eye makeup routine, because it gives you the perfect balance of fullness and length.

Best L Curl Lashes To Buy For Hooded Eyes

Ardell – Extension FX L Curl
Ardell - Extension FX L Curl

Buy Here

If you have hooded or monolid eyes, you are in luck! Ardell – Extension FX L Curl is the perfect option for you! The Ardell – Extension FX L Curl has a tapered end to give you that perfect “cat-eye” effect without any effort. It also has a thin band on the end to taper the corners of your eye. The L-Curl lash also comes in a variety of length options to match your eye shape. From short to long, make sure you get the perfect fit.

LA Vida Lash Mink L Curl Eyelash Extensions 
LA Vida Lash Mink L Curl Eyelash Extensions 

Buy Here

LA Vida Lash Mink L Curl Eyelash Extensions could be the best lash extension for hooded eyes and also for those who are looking for fuller, longer, and natural-looking lashes. These easy-to-work-with products can be used for any type of lash look. This product is also so soft and lightweight, which is perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight product. The 10 different-sized curls come in a full range of lengths and volumes, which is perfect for you to get your desired lash look. It could be the perfect item for your eyes. This is the reason we discussed it in our hooded vs non hooded eyes article.

What Is L+ Curl Lashes?

The L+ is a unique curved lash extension. These are an innovative lash extension that offers a new look for clients who want to add length and volume to their natural lashes, as well as a new look for clients who want to change their eye shape after having undergone a lash procedure. This lash extension is ideal for clients who have natural lashes that are straight or pointing downward. 

Best L+ Curl Lashes To Buy For Hooded Eyes

Yelix L+ Curl Series Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions
Yelix L+ Curl Series Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions

Buy Here

The Yelix L+ Curl Series Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions are a perfect and reliable product for everyone who has fine or short eyelashes or who wants a natural and elegant look. With the help of these extensions, you could have long, gorgeous eyelashes without the hassle of applying glue and without future worries about residue or kinks. You can get these individual eyelash extensions for an affordable price, and they also help you to be able to make them look as natural as possible.

JOVISA Lulu L+ Curl 90 Eyelash Lash Extension
JOVISA Lulu L+ Curl 90 Eyelash Lash Extension

Buy Here

JOVISA Lulu L+ Curl 90 Eyelash Lash Extension 0.07 Volume Silk Mink with 12 trays is the perfect product for anyone looking for an easy, painless way to have long, thick, beautiful lashes. This product is infused with black silky Mink, a luxurious, natural material. The softness of the mink provides a long-lasting curl for your lashes. The Organic Silk Mink is a natural material that is 100% eco-friendly and vegan and is a perfect alternative to synthetic materials. With this exclusive silk mink eyelash extension, you will feel confident and natural in any setting.

Best False Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

False eyelashes can be a great addition to your makeup routine especially when you have hooded eyes. If you’re going to use artificial eyelashes, be sure to get the proper size, as longer lashes are usually too large and heavy for hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, then you will have to choose smaller fake eyelashes to make your appearance more natural. 

The best thing about these lashes is that they are versatile – you can wear them to the office or a night out, and they are also easy to remove. With a variety of different styles, lengths, and glue, finding the perfect false eyelashes for your eyes is a matter of finding a style you like and finding the ones that fit your needs. In this hooded vs non hooded eyes guide, below is the list of some fake eyelashes for you, these fake eyelashes could be the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes.

Samantha Style # 7 False Eyelashes By Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Samantha Style Number 7 False Eyelashes

Buy Here

Samantha #7 Eyelashes By Huda Beauty lashes are ideal for developing a fashionable and natural look. You can even use these lashes to create a seamless transition from day to night, as they’re so lightweight that they won’t weigh down your daytime look. The unique, delicate, and flexible design of these lashes are what makes them so perfect for beginners and those who want to experiment. It could be your best false eyelashes for hooded eyes.

In our Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes article, this is the third product by Huda Beauty because this brand is so popular among women due to its quality products and trustworthiness.

False Eyelashes FauxMink Wispies Pack By Ardell

Ardell False Lashes Faux Mink Demi Wispies Multipack

Buy Here

You’ve finally discovered them if you’ve been hunting for the perfect everyday lashes! These Ardell Demi Wispies will complete your ensemble for any occasion. From a simple day to an evening out, these lashes will provide a look that is soft and feminine. You will love the voluminous look that these lash extensions provide – you won’t need to worry about the lash length being too long or the lashes falling off. The glue is incredibly strong and Will offer you the appearance you want. 

Natural True Volume Multi-Layer Fake Lashes By KISS

KISS True Volume Multi-Layered False Eyelashes

Buy Here

This is the last best false eyelashes for hooded eyes in our article. True volume Multi-Layer Fake Lashes By KISS are full of volume, length, and a plump look. They look like your natural lash but they’re fuller and more voluminous. The tapered design at the end of the false lashes allows them to fit every eye shape, and the 100 percent natural hair is easy to apply. You will look like you’ve had a professional makeover when you’re wearing these long lashes! These lashes will last forever and can be worn with your favorite eye makeup for a natural look. They have many colors and sizes to pick from. These false eyelashes are made for a day or night look.

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FAQs For Hooded vs Non-Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes ethnicity

What ethnicity has downturned eyes?

Hooded eyes do not belong to a specific ethnicity. There are many countries’ people have these eyes, which includes East Asians, Southeast Asians, Iceland, Ukraine, Finland, North Asians, Polynesians, Central Asians, Native Americans, Mestizos, and some African peoples.

Men Hooded Eyes

Do Males also have hooded eyes?

Yes, Hooded Eyes are common in men also. In a study on American adults, it was found that males also have hooded eyes. The study was done on 1,590 people and revealed that 46% of the participants had hooded eyes.

Men Hooded Eyes

Partially Hooded Eyes

What are partially hooded eyes?

The difference between hooded eyes and partially hooded eyes is quite apparent. With partially hooded eyes, you see a small sliver of the eye, a small fold of skin covering the upper eyelid, on the other hand, full hooded eyes have a large fold of skin covering the upper eyelid.


I hope, you loved this in-depth guide article about Hooded vs Non Hooded Eyes. We do our best to explain each and everything related to hooded eyes. Whether it’s about which makeup products will be the best for hooded eyes or any other how, what, which, and why questions about hooded vs non-hooded eyes. If you love this in-depth guide, comment below your thoughts. Your comments will give us a long-term motivation to publish more awesome beauty related articles in the future. Also, if you think your loved ones need this useful guide/informative post, too, then you should share it with them right now!

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